Scott Byrne

Product Designer & Creator

Tina CMS

Open-source CMS

Tina is an open-source, Git-backed CMS. I’m responsible for the UI implementation in React, while conceptualizing UX improvements and new features through interactive Figma prototypes.

Gazingo Login Screen
Gazingo Lobby ChatGazingo Voting Screen
Gazingo Podium Finish

Browser Party Game (Personal Project)

Gazingo is a multiplayer quiz game that pulls content from Wikipedia's REST API. I designed it in Figma and built the web app using express, Socket.IO, React and a variety of other JavaScript libraries. The game is functional but unreleased.

Gazingo was created out of a desire for a more accessible party game that wouldn't require any downloads.

Painting by Scott Byrne
Painting by Scott ByrnePainting by Scott Byrne
Painting by Scott Byrne


Acrylic on Canvas

When I want to loosen up and play with colour I like to paint with acrylics. I enjoy being expressive and using lots of paint.